Synopsis: The Last Kingdom Season 2 is a connection from Season 1 Background Early in 872, then the divided British Empires that we now know today with the Kingdom / State of England, which at that time fell to the Danish who are well known to the Vikings, they attack, After the Wins They leave the stand-alone Wessex kingdom and Continue to War under the command of King Alfred.

Against the backdrop of the upheaval of War, live our hero, Uhtred. Born as the son of a Saxon nobleman, After His Father Killed In the War he was captured by the legendary Viking Ragnar Lothbrok and appointed Being one of the Ragnar Lothbrok Children. Forced to choose between the country of his birth or the people who nurtured him, his loyalty was tested. Who is he? Saxon (British) or Dane (Danish / Viking)? In an attempt to reclaim the right to his Kingdom, Uhtred must follow a dangerous path between the two sides if he plays his part in the birth of a new nation and, finally, retake his ancestral land which his Papa had taken.

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My Personal Opinion: An exciting and epic movie to watch, a bit deviating from the facts of history, where the Facts of a Ragnar Lothbrok is dead with torture in the puddle Full of snakes, Pengemar film The Vikings must be somewhat Protest and a little Disappointed at the beginning of this Film but we are talking about this movie The Last Kingdom, Nuance and Story Story may be Different but it will bring a new Color, will the Struggle and War that continues to be won by the main character is Uhtred, with the capital of his intelligence to change his status from the Fugitive (accused of murdering Father Her adoptive family is Ragnar Lothbrok) and turned into a hero who saved the Wessex King.

The struggle, betrayal and romance are always coloring this Film Series, it is a pity if this Series Tv you miss because a lot of lessons can be taken. Especially with our ultimate Leader Uhtred in that he takes a Decision that leads to his Success in Conquering his Mushroom Enemy. Enjoy The Last Kingdom Season 2, See You in Next Synopsis Film Post.

Overall Ratting: 8.5 / 10

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THE LAST KINGDOM SEASON 2 (2017) | rahmatayu | 4.5