Synopsis: This series is a sequel to the previous episode, The Movie that tells about a Government Program / NSA called STICHERS that aims to see the Genesis that has taken place in the Murder of the Victim’s Brain Recording by Entering the Brain Recording by Using a Machine Connected by Humans namely Christian, who happens to be the son of the Creator of Machine Stitches.

Stitchers is an American science fiction serial drama series created by Jeffrey Alan Schechter. The film was First Produced on September 29, 2014, and premiered on June 2, 2015, on ABC Family, now broadcasted by Freeform, for the second season of the series, premiering on March 22, 2016. In a Facebook Live chat on October 2016, it was announced that the series was updated for the third season. The third season premiered on June 5, 2017.

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My Personal Opinion: Stitchers series films for Action fans as well as Drama that make curious is a movie that must be watched and awaited kelajutan Episodya. Beginning This film tells about the main character (Christian) who suffered from emotional disturbances and the perception of time caused by Dad’s research to bring back the consciousness of the mother But then they Failed to do it and this led to Christian experience it.

The Third Diserial is over the course of time Christianity and the Team have succeeded in regaining emotional stimulation and the Christian Presentation of time into Normal state. In Seeking the Way out is bringing the consciousness of her mother back Christian in the presence of the Beloved’s Beloved that is by her mother secured by the NSA, While Christian solves every murder case with Program Stitches in the hope of Finding a way to Restore Mind Consciousness.

Overall Ratting: 8.0 / 10

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STITCHERS SEASON 3 (2017) | rahmatayu | 4.5