Synopsis: Tells of a Successful Entrepreneur, Genius Thinker and Technologist of Silicon Valley who aspires to make a Hospital (Bunker Hill) for the Patients who have been hopelessly hoped to have been sentenced by Doctors from Other Hospitals. He succeeded in Implementing and Integrating Advanced Technologies into the Medical World to find new Drugs or New Medical Technologies that have not been Created Before. Accompanied by the best Medical Surgeons in their field and other Medical & Technologist Staff, Successfully Blending Sophisticated Technologies for the Medical World, especially to Help Patients Who Have Been Missed Outside Expectations.

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My Personal Opinion: Series films that are fun and worth watching for intrigue and Rejection from conventional / general medical parties, because the technology has not been tested yet. a new technology created by Bunker Hill always gets Rejection at first, thus creating a Life Opportunity for a Patient who is already in a verdict. The sophistication and application of this new tenology keeps us intrigued to watch every episode and will continue Waiting for what the next story or next technology will be created for the world of Modern Medical.

Overall Rating: 9.0 / 10
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PURE GENIUS (2016) | rahmatayu | 4.5