Synopsis: A film that tells of a Discovery to create it an infinite source of Earth Power originating from the Parallel World to the world of origin, but to be beyond the unexpected and a threat to the safety and state of the Earth Parallel. Will Porter (portrayed by Dan Stevens) is a pilot who has the task of destroying the Parallel World with a Living Life Worthy for his sister and Ponakanya, Will strives to fight to save his family members as well as planet Earth from the threat of Endless Source of Energy.

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My Personal Opinion: Although The Set Set was filmed in the City of Amsterdam, which is one of my Favorite Cities and the Special Efect’s sophistication presented Pretty Good. But this movie has some scene Angle camera Point of View shoot (scene from the main player point of view) which is not all the audience likes it. The storyline impressed Shallow, Movement Players sometimes a bit stiff. Probably because this is due to the matching of frames with each frame, with certain Special Effects which often Occur in Movies that Overuse Special Effects because it is rather difficult to regulate the acting of the original actors with the CGI computer

The movie is quite worth watching, not too heavy the way the story and Plot, Not too much show scenes Brutal characters, War and Striking character wounded blooded, perfect for the audience who likes to see the action light and very suitable for spectators who likes to enjoy special effects are served with light. That’s it and see you in Our Review Next.

Overall Rating: 7.5 / 10
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KILL SWITCH (2017) | rahmatayu | 4.5